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Özlem Tokaslan
'Kırmızı Gül'

Successful theater and film actress Özlem Tokaslan started her long-planned professional music career with the original interpretation of the 'Red Rose' folk song.

The artist's first single and clip 'Red Rose' was released on Youtube and all digital platforms with the Viya Music label. In the piece arranged by Kurtuluş Cengiz, the improvised melodies of Anatolia's ancient instruments duduk and bendir met with Özlem Tokaslan's original vocal performance. The beloved actress added music to her successful career in theatre, cinema and television.


The artist is related to his musical works; "I continued my conservatory education, which I started in the singing department, by moving to the theater acting department, music has always been in my life, now I have decided to share what I have produced professionally. I will continue to publish my new works."

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