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'Mystic Rock'

Rah music group, consisting of Daf (Erbane) Mareechi Asu, Raşit Pekmezci (Guitar), Arsalan Kaveh (Tanbur, Vocals), is a band that blends ancient melodies from the past to the future in rock form with a new perspective. While listening to the band's music, sometimes you feel like the ancient melodies of Iran. 'Myistic Rock', the first album of the band, which you can find in a mystical atmosphere and sometimes in today's rock music culture, invites you to embark on an alternative musical journey.

Diğer Albümler

"Artist Erdal Güney brings his album "Wait for the Rain", released by Viya Music, to his audience.

Erdal Güney sings his songs with Jülide Özçelik, İlkay Akkaya, Yasemin Göksu, Mazlum Çimen, Hüseyin Turan, Servet Kocakaya, Volkan Uzunhasanoğlu, Sebahattin Atik, Mustafa Güney and Duru Güney. The compositions in the album are signed by Erdal Güney and Mustafa Güney, and the arrangements are by Erdal Güney and Kurtuluş Cengiz.

The musicians on Güneye'e album are Özge Metin, Şaban Shadow, Rüstem Mahmudov, Eyüp Hamiş, Hasan Kiriş, Ömer Can Uygan, Ercan Yalazan, Rüstem Mahmudov, Özge Ünkap, Murat Çorak, Kurtuluş Cengiz, Volkan Uzunhasanoğlu, Hüseyin Sarısaltikoğlu, Kurtuluş Cengiz, Levent Canen accompanied by Volkan Doğan Kayıkçı, Bülent Ay and İzzet Kızıl. The album features the backing vocals of Tuğba Dağlı and Mustafa Güney.

Wait for the Rain met with the audience on all digital platforms.

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